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A blog about cultivating capabilities & skills to chart a path to economic fulfilment.

About Me​

I wear many hats, but I am currently a Business Education teacher and Learning Strategist! I love working with students, helping them connect the dots in education so that they can thrive.

I am about LEARNING, not just academics. A lot of my focus will be around business, as it is my area of study, it is also everywhere in the world around us. DO NOT let the naysayers delude you.


I can hear you saying, “Ummm, learning? Business? Education? Errrr, how do they connect?” Well, this blog is for you! I implore you to look at my writing and hopefully gain insight about moving on to your next step.

I have worked in administration, management, training and development and retail. Created and implemented projects in many different ways, and the common thread throughout all of these experiences have been people. Those who have impacted on me, I’ve learned valuable lessons from, those whom I have taught, have had a phenomenal impact upon me.

I am now at the point where I aim to make a greater impact outside of the constraints of the classroom.  I bring to you ideas, thoughts, business insights and possibilities of how you may chart a direction to your purpose.


Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you  learned in school

/ Albert Einstein


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