A Business Degree?

Let us start by saying Nearly everything in today's world is business! Especially if you understand 'business' to mean any trade activity involving the exchange of goods and services to meet customers' needs in exchange for money to make a profit for the owner(s). These goods can range from a pen, perfume, clothing, books - anything physical, to services - music, performances, writing copy, anything intangible that someone else needs and is willing to pay to have it.

Now when you talk of a ‘business career”, this is quite broad. You will need to research and narrow down your interests and your skills which, can come under categories such as 1. Management - this is overseeing other people within a business. Some experience in business or management is beneficial. Job roles include chief executive, computer information systems managers, financial managers, human resource managers.

2. Business operations - In this area, job roles are found in areas such as logistics, purchasing, managing employee benefits, being a management analyst, to name a few.

3. Financial specialists - This role includes keeping track or investing other people’s money, accounting, financial analysts, financial advisors, financial examiners.

4. Sales - This role is often started at an entry-level position. It doesn't pay very well initially but more times than not, you can work your way up in one organization or by changing jobs or companies or even industries.

5. Other – Administration. This is quite a broad area and I will discuss this later in the article.

Pros and cons of a business degree


  • This degree is extremely versatile. Most industries will need people who are good at business and the skills that come with it.

  • It is not as difficult as getting an engineering degree or a computer science degree or something that is heavy in maths.

  • It is also very good training for potentially opening your own business or starting to invest.

Cons -

Many business-related careers don't require you to have a business degree to get a job. But most people in the business world have some type of business degree.

Some business degrees are much better than others. This depends on many factors such as:

a) the type of University you attend

b) The content of the degree course

c) the experience and network of the lecturers

d) the type of research ongoing at the University

It can be quite a competitive degree.

There will be further articles on different types of business degrees – Stay Tuned!

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