A Chat in The Dorm with Young Miss Anais Pezzana – Part 2


As of July 2020, Anais has completed her studies in Finance and is about to start her new job in this area. She completed her A- Level studies in Maths AS, Business Technical Diploma, IT and French. Her undergraduate studies were in Finance and Accounting. Her masters – post graduate studies is in Finance, Investing and Risk.

Anais found her studies challenging but wasn’t put off. They pushed her to master these areas as she had developed a deep interest in Finance and knew by then what she wanted to do with the knowledge that she was acquiring. She quickly realised that you have to do most of the learning and figuring out for yourself. University ignites your critical thinking.

Path to university

Anais says of her expectations prior to going to university. There were not many expectations, but she definitely knew that she wanted to learn more. Her A-Level Business diploma was interesting, and she wanted to explore more.

She also knew others who had studied this area. She later discovered at university how important maths was to the area of finance especially as she started to specialise through doing specific finance modules.

“It is important that you research well what your modules are about and their relevance to the market place and their ability to bring depth of knowledge and understanding.”

Anais advises that you look for opportunities, as she did. Look for job placements, internships, but be mindful just getting passing grades will not land you the best placements.

Insights gained from work experience at an esteemed insurance company:

· A practical insight into how financial systems are used

· What it takes to being involved in projects

· Getting on with normal, everyday work activities

· Being able to work in a stressful environment and manage that without breaking down

The Masters

Why study for an extra year and have more debt? Well Anais’ 5-year plan is to be a Portfolio Manager and an independent Tax Advisor. For this you need to be very qualified and experienced. Anais has already started her own investment portfolio. She did part-time jobs and used her new skills to work in the not-for-profit industry to help off set her bills. She took additional courses outside of her university and worked with professors on cutting edge projects to make herself more marketable.

The pay off – today Anais can say that the sacrifices have been worth it. She has landed a well-paying and interesting job.

Final thoughts on getting your money’s worth from your university studies:

· Get involved in societies

· Network with people

· Work on your work ethic

· Utilise placements, internships, project work.

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