Don't Listen to the Naysayers!

In Defence of Schools – You Do Learn Valuable Skills and Knowledge!

Hello readers! I need to defend our secondary school system today. I am fed up, fed up, I say, hearing the same rhetoric spouted about secondary schools don’t prepare students for the real world, for work! That students should know about mortgages, taxes, etc, etc.

First, we’d agree, at least on this point, that students’ first educational experiences are in the home, no? Yes, it is. Good, class we are all in agreement on that little fact. So, a few questions. Parents are in homes of some sort, some mortgaged, some rented, yes? Why can’t parents then start teaching such? They are living these experiences as their children are in school, umm?

Just a few more questions. A common complaint decade after decade, is that we forget a lot of what is taught in school by the time we get into the real world, allegedly. So, who says 1. That students will remember how mortgages work by the time they are ready for their first mortgage? 2. How likely is it that students, anyone will get a mortgage after an apprenticeship or university? Mortgages are financial instruments which change, depending on the state of the economy. What is taught in 2020 may not be applicable in 2025 or whenever. 3. The applicant will have to take the time at that point to learn and understand what is currently going on in the market, no? So please stop with the silly badgering and focus on a key skill and ability needed for school and life – teaching, encouraging young people to learn how to learn. This is imperative!

The following skills below are learned in school. They are crucial for the real world but often students do not realise that they are learning them in the process of school. 2020’s world of work emphasis is on soft skills and hard skills.

Briefly, soft skills are these cluster of interpersonal and communication skills. These would include problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, organisation etc. Hard (technical) skills are the technical knowledge and training that are also acquired through life and work experiences.

So, let us look at how students and their guardian should be looking at how school is preparing their sprogs for the real world and how they could help the teachers keep this in mind.