Introduction to Learning Strategist

Hello my lovely people,

Welcome to our space. Our space to think, be challenged and to be

prompted to use your knowledge, skills and understanding to take you

that next step forward. This is about you, me, all of us transforming our

concept of education now to better work for our benefit.

Education in schools has been created for different needs. This is a

good thing as everyone has different needs. However, if your school is

not up to the task of meeting your needs, you need to be aware of this

and prepare yourself for an interesting and informative journey ahead.

The Learning Strategist aims to help you along this path.

The world still, and I believe from the evidence out there, will Always

need a variety of minds to keep it functioning at its optimum. You’re in

this world, your children will be a part of this world. So, let us explore

our strengths, and possibilities with what is out there. The Learning

Strategist hopes to bring food for thought about education now and in

the future, what are the skills required for different sectors, how you can

be looking to develop you to create a satisfying environment for yourself

and more.

We look forward to connecting with you and bringing resourceful

material which stimulates you to action for your GCSEs, A-Levels, and

Technical studies.

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. A

big thanks to my team, my creatives and friends for helping to make this

a reality.