So, what should you do, errr, study wise? - Part 1

Only you can decide that, b

ut it would be nice to have some food for thought, even if it gets uncomfortable at times. Learning Strategist (LS) aims to provide as much insight as possible.

There is still snobbery in thinking, for the preference for Higher Education (HE) over Further Education (FE).

Ummm, bullocks too much of that I say! Look! Obviously, if you are geared up for a career in medicine, certain sciences, law, politics to name a few, Higher Education would be the official route to go. LS would support this fully. But there are other routes to learning which require just as much focus, dedication, and persistence as the HE route requires. Many schools focus mainly on HE sometimes because of the underlying snobbery that the more students they have going to university the better it looks for their statistics, Ofsted, parents, the school governors, society!

You have to be thinking, "heh, what’s is right for me now and the medium term." You don’t know what the future holds exactly, I’m sure Kobe Bryant did not think before Saturday 25, January 2020, that at 41yrs he’d be dead despite being one of the most revered basketballers around, God rest his soul! But the plan is to enjoy the learning and life journey while gaining the skills to surmount the obstacles that will come.

So, know that universities have rankings. Colleges have rankings, even apprenticeships have rankings. You have to assess:

1. Your interests – please, if you don’t have interests, develop some!

2. Be truthful about your abilities now and how they can be developed.

3. If you’re reading this while still in school – at GCSE Level, A-Level, College level,(university students, I’ll be chatting to you in further articles), make a concerted effort, a promise to yourself, to start focussing on getting the best grades possible within your abilities.

4. What are your subject strengths? What are your 'OK' subjects and which do you truly suck at? Oh, if Maths and or English falls into the latter category, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! You need to attain at least a Grade 4, preferably a Grade 5 and above, in each so that you don’t look too daft. Sorry, LS brings the real world to you, no time for cuddling nonsense!

So, while you are working on the above. Consider this also. See Part 2- “Do You Have To Be In School After You Are 16 years?”

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